G сериала вдова бланко 1996

g сериала вдова бланко 1996

Shortly after an incident in which Gray pointed a knife at him, Goode closed the bank account from which the premiums for this policy were paid. She chased William Gray in her car in 1990, pulling alongside his car so that Goode, who was her boyfriend, could point a handgun at him, Wilkinson said. In 1996, Goode told police that Gray had assaulted him and pulled a knife on him, she said. Thus, the only true victims of Gray’s fraud were the rightful beneficiaries under the policies, not the insurance companies. Stribbling told friends weeks before he was killed in 1974 that his wife had tried to shoot him in the head one morning while they were in bed together. He survived because the gun misfired, Assistant U.S. Attorney James Trusty said. According to court papers, Savoy told police in 1990 that Gray had admitted to him that she planned to kill her estranged husband, William Gray. Отсюда и все неприятности с женами и подругами. Thus, we conclude that Rule 804(b)(6) applies whenever the defendant’s wrongdoing was intended to, and did, render the declarant unavailable as a witness against the defendant, without regard to the nature of the charges at the trial in which the declarant’s statements are offered. Студия-производитель — «Телемундо». В период с 1996 по 2000 года, сериал был закуплен и показан более, чем в 13 странах мира: Колумбии, Венесуэле, Аргентине, Чили, Мексике, Кубе, Испании, Польше, Венгрии, Болгарии, Сербии, Украине, Филиппинах, Азербайджане, России и др.

Сериалы показанные на ТВ в России

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