Как зделать мега скорость в поинт бланк

как зделать мега скорость в поинт бланк

The 185 lb. draw couples with a 13.5” power stroke to deliver some blistering speeds up to 370 fps. Flare Blitz and Rock Smash also grant super armor, which can help Charizard start or escape from combos. Despite having been decreased since Brawl, Charizard’s grab ranges are still above average. Elimination Search & Destroy Killed an enemy player. The trajectory of these rockets are not affected by gravity; they will travel in a straight line until exploding on contact with any surface or player. Medal Name Medal Description Kill Streak medals Achieve a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or higher kill streak. Compared to the previous up throw, it has altered knockback (70 (base)/140 (growth) → 50/220), making it significantly better at KOing.

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