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For the purpose of this article, we will refer to a relatively straightforward and common ELISA format: the antigen capture. Remember to use the blank samples to subtract any background from the readings. If the blank samples are reading higher than usual, this may indicate that there was an error in the assay. 3. Take into account dilution factors. Wash three times with PBS-T.Note: If problems with non-specific binding occur, an additional blocking step (30 min. 5% BSA-PBS) may be required. Blank samples are composed of the buffer or water with no protein sample included. Curriculum FlowchartA summary of the Avian Flu curriculum and major topics. For example, if you’ve tried different concentrations or blocking times, maybe try a different kind of blocker. This can be achieved by adding saturating amounts of sample to the capture assay, followed by saturating amounts of the labeled detector. One has to double-check that the blocking step was also performed correctly.

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